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Slot is a gambling game that creates a game of chance for its customers. It is a casino game of chance, with symbols, which keep spinning and then stops. Slots machines use fruit symbols, and in England, they are known as fruites or fruit machines. Even online free slot games make use of fruits.

Introduction of fruit symbols in slots.

Slot was invented based on the game of poker by Charles Fey. Initially, the Liberty Bell, as the device or machine he created, had three wheels that spun with five symbols: diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, spades, and the Liberty Bell (which gave the machine its name).

Because a lever located at the side of the machine was used to operate it, slot machines were called one-armed bandits; these levers were what you used to place your bets. Later, in Great Britain, they got to be known as Fruit Machines or Fruites.

Over the years, the game was copied by many other different people, and modifications were made. People got to place bets using tokens and coins, more symbols were added, and in time, the one-armed bandit was banned in the United Kingdom, causing a loss in revenue in the gambling industry.

As of 1907, a company called Industry Novelty took the initiative by manufacturing the Bell-Fruit Gum machines. This was invented by O.D Jennings.

O.D Jennings first used fruit reel symbols, and it was popularized during the ban of the one-armed bandit during the age of legal restriction on slot machines. Owners of gambling machines ingenuously turned their gambling machines into chewing gum dispensers, replacing the symbols with fruits to represent the flavors available. From this point, the reels symbols and even card numbers were switched to fruit reel symbols.

The reels on the slot machines included cherry, melon, orange, apple, and bar symbols with non-cash payouts in the form of fruit-flavored gum, allowing machine owners to avoid prosecution under the anti-gambling laws of that time. This resulted in making every bet a win, in the form of chewing gums. Thus, betting machines became vending machines.

Slot games and machines today

With the creation of online casinos, a change has been introduced to the game of slots. Gone are the days of the one-armed bandit; now is the age of virtual and mobile games that can be played on the go, so far you are registered with an online casino.

With online slots, more games have been introduced into the game of slots. Slots have metamorphosed from just cherry, melon, orange, apple to many more fruits, and the game can truly be called fruites.

Enjoying slot

Slot is an easily enjoyable game and has a wide range of players who enjoy playing it, as a result of its competitiveness. Another thing that draws people to slot and its many variants is the colorful nature of the game.

The ease with which the game is also played is a reason many casino players enjoy the game. Transitioning from controlling the game with a lever to controlling it with the press of a button. The colorfulness of the game of slots is a plus, easy to understand and play, with symbols you can relate with, fruits you see every day.