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With the value of Bitcoin steadily growing, it becomes interesting to know what trading strategies to put in place to benefit from the insolent rise of the most famous of crypto currencies. With spectacular growth, Bitcoin is breaking all growth records. There are different philosophies and trading strategies to take advantage of the Bitcoin craze. Here is an overview of the means and strategies for investing in Bitcoin according to the investor’s profile and his means.

The different methods to invest in Bitcoin

There are different methods to invest in Bitcoin, including mining, the acquisition of tokens during an ICO “Initial Coin Offering” (an ICO is the fastest way to get rich with Bitcoin, provided you are an insider), buying Bitcoin  and trading Bitcoin derivative products such as CFDs (Contracts for Difference). You can easily opt for the XTRgate crypto trading platform without any worry for XTRgate scam now.

The Buy and Hold trading strategy applies to Bitcoin

As one of the most gifted investors of his generation repeats to anyone, Warren Buffet announces: “Gains are not made by selling but by buying”. All investors know that the past performance of a financial market cannot predict the future. It is therefore impossible to predict whether Bitcoin will continue its bullish rally. It is quite possible that it is in a bubble. However, historical data demonstrates the formidable resilience of the cryptocurrency, since its price has already been divided by 2 before making a spectacular rebound.

  • Many platforms now offer to exchange Bitcoin. Today, many of them play the role of market places. They are literally small, autonomous exchanges, on which supply and demand meet in order to determine the price of Bitcoin.

Even though most of them use official quotes

Unlike traditional trading strategies, with crypto currencies the value is more difficult to estimate. This is the reason why Bitcoin traders use the news trading strategy. Just like with precious metals, making money with Bitcoin involves betting on a long-term trading strategy. Therefore, the investor will have to take advantage of the declines in the price of Bitcoin to position himself before the rebound.