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Slot games are in no way competitive, instead, usually, individuals play these games alone and the setup is man versus machine. However, if you play slots at land-based casinos, then you can interact with fellow gamblers or attend the casino as part of a group of friends. Playing slotzo games online, is a different ball game altogether, here it is a mostly solitary experience that is played out in the comfort and privacy of individuals’ homes.

Slot tournaments are a way of bringing slot players together and making slot spinning a far more sociable experience. Tournaments can also make slot gamers feel like they are part of a community. Apart from adding a social element and competitive slant to slot games, these competitions also offer the chance of winning some decent prizes as well. Since slots are not skill-based games, unlike Poker tournaments, it is those with the most luck that walk off with the prizes instead.

Online Slot Tournament Formats

The format of a slot tournament is simple, the gambling brand holding the tournament usually picks a certain slot game that will be the centrepiece of the competition. This slot could either be a new slot that needs promoting, or a game that has been specially chosen by the casino for other commercial reasons.

All that is needed is that the competitors spin the game a set number of times at a set betting level and compete with other players who do the same. The individual who racks up the highest points or coins wins the first prize. There is usually a leader board that accompanies these tournaments, and this helps players see where they are and who they need to catch, to stand any chance of bagging a prize. Some of the biggest tournaments have prize money or other prizes for all top-ten finishes. Smaller competitions usually reserve prizes for the top three finishes only.

Are Slot Tournaments Free

Some slot tournaments involve paying an entry fee which is also known as a ‘buy in’ fee and then you are given credits to play within the competition itself. The entry fee can also go towards the prize money offered to the winners of the tournament. Sometimes, if it is a really big tournament, then the cash prizes for coming first can be substantial. With these types of competitions, the entry fee can be quite high to raise the funds needed to offer such generous rewards. Other tournaments rely on customers funding their spins at a pre-set level, and the prize fund is created from the extra customer deposits being made to take part in the event.

Some casinos run special VIP invite-only secret slot tournaments that are not advertised on the casino website itself. Instead, those invited to participate in such events are usually contacted by phone or email. Here the prizes are bigger and the ‘buy in’ amounts are set at a far higher level.

Final Thoughts

Slot tournaments are a great way of adding a social element to slot gaming. They can also be used to attract new players to online casinos and for small ‘buy in’ fees, punters can boost their bankroll with some cash prizes for finishing at the top of the leader board.