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Past Company Uses this filter to find potential clients who may have common interests with you. This filter can identify alumni from your school that could be potential candidates. This filter lets you identify prospects within specific areas. This lets you find prospects who offer consulting services in various industries. Profile Language: You can utilize this filter to locate prospects outside your country if your business plans to expand internationally. This is a great way for you to find potential common areas to start a conversation. School: Another great feature to identify common ground. Connections with: This option lets you identify a potential client who is connected to one of your existing connections.

Current Company Uses this filter to identify potential customers for businesses you want to target. Locations: You can search for those closest to you or within the area you want to target. With the publication of the CV function, it is easier to find a job and gain information on the industry. Sales Navigator Enterprise: You will receive 50 messages in the mail per month, advanced filters, and CRM integrations. Sales Navigator Professional: You receive 20 messages in the mail per month and advanced filters. Sales Navigator Team: You receive 30 InMail messages per month, advanced filters, and administrative tools. LinkedIn Sales Navigator users can run very specific searches and save leads or visit accounts to the HubSpot CRM with  one click. It’s worth it to invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator if you’ll be doing a significant amount of prospecting through the platform.

This filter is helpful if you target freelancers as part of your prospecting strategy. Keywords include You can search for first, last, title, company, school, or even name. This filter is unlikely to be used. According to PCMag, LinkedIn users are most likely looking for: jobs or clients or to recruit or partner with people to keep track of their business acquaintances and to expand their networks. The information you collect can be used to grow your business. LinkedIn recommends rich media like images and videos to help you create your own LinkedIn Company Page. The best part? The most important part?