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CRYPTO is the abbreviated term used to describe the world’s largest foreign exchange market, where 1.5 trillion dollars is traded daily. That’s more than 100 times the trading volume that takes place on the NYSE and is fast becoming the access point for individual investors. A market that was once accessible only to large corporations and government entities is now available to individual investors with online trading accounts. Despite the hype and excitement surrounding this market, is it right for you? In the everything will be clear.


Unlike most investment markets that open and close at the touch of a bell, the CRYPTO market is open 24 hours a day, six days a week. Negotiations can be made any time the market is open from your home computer through the major shopping centres located in Sydney, Tokyo, London, Frankfurt and New York. Therefore, you can act instantly on news that may affect the market. For the


Due to the high volumes being traded in this worldwide market, there will always be a buyer or seller available for your business. Business takes place in the spot market, therefore, its position is closed immediately, avoiding the risks of sudden changes in the market. Liquidity also helps to ensure price stability and reduce spreads.


The CRYPTO market is always on the move. Because of the liquidity of the market, you can make money when the market is going up, down or even sideways. Volatility in other markets is often equated to risk or loss, but in CRYPTO market volatility equates to profit potential.


Trading on the margin means you can buy or sell assets that are larger than the value of your account. You can trade with margin on other investment accounts, but nothing like you can do in the CRYPTO market. Because exchange rates generally fluctuate only 1-2% per day, you can leverage your dollar investment for higher returns.