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Over the past year, several have started adding various cryptocurrencies to their investment portfolio. It started with cryptocurrencies exploding and it made many people shout that it was a bubble. It is also true that cryptocurrencies rose sharply and fell sharply a few months later, but they did not disappear and they are still worth much more than what they rose from. There are also methods by which you can make money when cryptocurrency falls, it could e.g. be the Bitcoin Code that we have reviewed here.

Right Options Opened

There are many indications that it was the availability and the hope of making a lot of money that made many people invest and thus the price rise. The reason cryptocurrencies did not fall more than they did after all, is because the potential is still great and there are constantly new trading platforms where you get access to buy cryptocurrencies. Here comes Finexro with all the results.

Here we will review some of the investment opportunities that you both have now and that you will get more of in the future.

It Gives Businesses A New Way To Provide Capital

Many companies that have chosen to be on the blockchain probably do not have much reason for it. Within all industries, there are some who say that their cryptocurrency will be the currency of this industry. But if you are going to the dentist, there is not much reason for you to pay with a cryptocurrency instead of your country’s currency.

We have taken the point because this method is already being used by companies to raise capital outside the traditional sources. It is a democratization of capital because previously you had no opportunity to invest in e.g. Uber or Netflix before they went public.

The companies of the future can choose to raise capital by creating a cryptocurrency. Here, an ICO is reminiscent of an IPO, but the advantage is that an ICO happens immediately, that the company has to spend money where an IPO happens many years into the future.