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Heart disease is the major reason for death in both men and women across the US. Every year, over six lakh people die due to this disease. It happens when the blood vessels or valves in the heart become blocked, narrowed, or corroded. This reduces the flow of blood through them and lowers cardiovascular function.

The main cause behind this issue is poor diet, smoking, diabetes, and lack of exercise. Doctors generally advise pharma medicines to treat this condition. These medicines cause several discomforting side effects in a person. Cannabis is found to be a natural and safe way to treat heart disease.

How CBD Helps in The Treatment of Heart Ailment?

The endocannabinoid system in the body regulates all the simple and major aspects of the body. It takes good care of “simple” processes that include coagulation of blood and autoregulation of temperature in the body.

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CBD does not directly interact with the cardiovascular system. It does it through the endocannabinoid system. CBD works in three ways to promote a healthy heart. Some of these ways can be:

  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Reduction in high blood pressure
  • Minimizing irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmias

How Does CBD Reduce Inflammation in The Body?

Inflammation is the major cause for the development of heart issues. This is an aspect that can cause cardiovascular cells to get injured or even die. Inflammation can happen in the body due to specific ailments, medications, viruses, or as an autoimmune attack. When it doesn’t get treated in time, it can even cause the death of a person.

CBD is popularly known for its potent abilities to lower harmful inflammation. The 2-AG endocannabinoid system binds itself to the CB2 receptor. In this way, it causes your defense system to send out lesser immune cells to harm the body.

How does CBD Help in Lowering Blood Pressure?

CBD can reduce blood pressure in a person. This is seen to be highly beneficial to treat heart ailment. It broadens the blood vessels and enables the flow of blood into it. This helps to lessen the harm that high blood pressure causes the walls of the arteries.

How does CBD reduce Arrhythmia?

A heart arrhythmia is a condition that arises when the heart beats very fast, irregularly, or slowly. When the heartbeat becomes extremely irregular, and then is viewed as a serious health risk.

CBD works by normalizing the heartbeat and reduce cardiovascular tension in the body. It reduces the impact of cardiac fibrosis, inflammation, cellular death, oxidative, or nitrative stress, myocardial dysfunction, and interconnected signaling pathways.


Heart disease is a complicated and very delicate ailment. In the absence of proper treatment, it can cause the death of a person. CBD is viewed as a safer, affordable, and effective treatment compared to pharmaceutical medications.

It is important to consult your doctor before you include it in your existing treatment. Based on the severity of the disease, age, interaction with other medicines, and existing diseases, etc, he will tell the right dosage to get maximum levels of benefits.