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Are you thinking of betting on cricket? Before you go ahead, it is important to get well informed with best cricket betting tips as given in this post.

Types Of Cricket Betting Markets

Top bookmakers such as Betway and Bet365 offers a wide range of betting markets including the following –

  • Toss Winner

This bet totally depends on the chance because you have to guess which team will win the toss at the beginning of a match.

  • Tournament or Match Winner

This is the most common types of cricket bet, where you have to bet on which team will win the match or series.

  • Man of the Match

A man of the match is a player, who gives the best performance in the particular match or tournament. Thus, you have to predict that excellent performer, who can be a batsman or a bowler.

  • Top Bowler or Batsman

In this type of bet, you have to predict the best batsman or a bowler. Top bowler will have the best bowling figures and top batsman will score the highest runs at the end of the match.

  • Highest Opening Partnership

This type of cricket betting requires detailed research because here you need to predict opening batsman of which team will score the highest runs in a match.

Top Cricket Betting Tips

As you read above, there are different types of betting in cricket. Some of them are simply based on luck, while others require detailed research and skills. Thus, you must prepare yourself with the best knowledge before putting your hard-earned money into betting. Following are some important betting tips for cricket

  1. Weather Condition

Climate condition during particular match or series assist a lot during match analysis. Cloudy, windy, and rainy weather can create a huge impact on the outcome of a match. For example, if there is a possibility of continuous rain during the specific league, then there are higher chances of getting a match draw.

  1. Wait For The Toss

It is believed that a single toss of a coin can completely change the match outcome. A toss winner and weather conditions can prove to be the major turning point of any match. So, keep both factors into mind before placing the bet.

  1. Cricket Betting Odds

Checking and analyzing the betting odds for cricket gives an insight into the best performers (batsman and bowlers) under different situation. It helps in determining the betting market before placing a wager in pre-match or during in-play.

  1. Injuries

Every player has some special skills and role. Any injury can change lots of things and create an empty space that cannot be filled easily. If a top performer of your favorite team got injured, it may result in negative impact on the match outcome.

  1. Pitch Reading

Most importantly, don’t forget to check the pitch and its conditions. The batting situation will be perfect if a pitch appears bare or yellow. However, batting will be difficult if a pitch looks green.

So, choose your favorite cricket match and start betting right away with these tips.